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Issue 9 -- December 2016

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Pricing Squad is a newsletter for fellow pricing practitioners and actuaries in general insurance.

Today's issue list seven Excel shortcuts which are worth learning if you do not know them already. Each of these shortcuts will save you 10 seconds every time you use it. Over time this will Alt = to a few extra days of your life.

Seven (+1) cool Excel shortcuts

Alt = or alternatively Alt +

Sum the column directly above this cell.

Ctrl [

Go to the cell underlying this formula.

F5 and then Enter

Go to back.

Ctrl '

Shows the content of all formulas this this sheet (as opposed to the results of these formulas).

Ctrl d

Copy and paste the cell directly above.

Ctrl r

Copy and paste the cell directly to the left.

Ctrl 5


Ctrl y

Repeat your last action.

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