Actuarial pricing, capital modelling and reserving

Pricing Squad

Issue 27 -- September 2018

Welcome back after the summer holiday!

Pricing Squad is the newsletter for fellow pricing practitioners and actuaries in general insurance.

You are invited

Here are two events where I will be speaking this autumn and you are invited to attend.

The first one is the 2nd Annual Pricing in Personal Lines Conference. Enhance personal lines pricing models with data analytics, machine learning and AI to improve predictability and increase profitability. It takes place in London, Canary Wharf on 17-19 September 2018. I will be speaking on the second day and the talk is "Trust Is Good, Control Is Better - How to Quickly Sense Check a Complex Pricing Model and Challenge Its Creator".

The other one needs no introduction. It is the GIRO in Birmingham. This year's event is held on 23 - 26 October. Matt Evans from EMC Actuarial and myself will talk on the last day. The talk is "Parallel Computing for Actuaries - From Excel to GPU Clusters". We will also demonstrate some cool software and even hardware.

See you there!

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